Arnaud – Chris Cornell

I never met Chris, and I wish I had the opportunity to meet him. Just to tell him that his music, his voice and his lyrics, the feelings he shared through his songs and screams means to me. As a musician, you sometimes hear more than notes and words. You hear a call, you hear hope and love. I recently heard The Promise for the first time, then I watched the video. I cried all along.

I live in France, where a lot of refugees from Syria are ending up, trying to reach the UK. People have a bad opinion of these men and women. I hope one day, everyone will find it’s a shelter, find a new life, away from war and religion and hate.

Chris is helping. Through his songs, he helps us all.

We love you Chris, you were and still are my biggest influence.
It still doesn’t seem true.

Love and peace May everyone be safe from war and hate.

– Arnaud

Chris Cornell