January 8, 2013

Sandy Hook: I Promise It’s Not Goodbye

Listen and donate in memory of the children of Sandy Hook

A few years ago, Texan fan Rory de la Rosa lost his six-year-old daughter Ainslee to cancer. Shortly afterwards, he himself was diagnosed with the same illness. But Rory didn’t fall into despair. He wanted “to tell Chris Cornell how much his music impacted his life and of the bond it helped create for him and his daughter,” says Karen, a carer at Rory’s hospice. Chris was touched by the story and wrote back – eventually resulting in a unique creative collaboration. Rory had written a poem about his daughter. Moved by the words, Chris suggested they turn the poem into a song. “It was a pleasure to put it to music and an honor,” he says. Sadly, Rory passed away shortly afterwards, but the proceeds from downloads of the song he wrote with Chris were able to help his family through a terrible time.

Since the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, people have been asking to hear the song again. In response, we have made the song available on chriscornell.com. In return, Chris hopes you will make a donation in memory of the children who lost their lives and do something to help those bereaved by this terrible tragedy.

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