July 24, 2016

Review – Chris Cornell’s Higher Truth: Sought and Sustained

“When it comes to captivating the attention of an audience for an extended period of time, the allure of effort without intention wears thin quickly. However, sitting through one of Cornell’s extensive acoustic sets isn’t taxing. His performances leave participants entirely mesmerized, thoroughly disappointed when its all over, wishing he would just continue on in an endless moodily euphoric loop, preaching the end of the world.
Case and point, last night’s thunderous boom of applause after his first exit – he performed an encore, capping off the night with Higher Truth – echoed the sentiment of the crowd; one of nostalgia, admiration, and genuine respect. Cornell recently joked that anything under two hours was not a proper show and he made good on that statement by playing well over that. In fact the entire show, including the phenomenal Fantastic Negrito (if you haven’t yet had a chance to listen in on his music, you really should) was about three and a half hours total.”
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